I am excited to formally announce my candidacy for Mayor. The encouragement of family, friends and numerous citizens coupled with my desire to continue serving this marvelous community reinforced my decision.
Our family has called Gardner home since coming to Kansas in the summer of 1987 and Gardner remains the best place to live and raise a family in Johnson County. We have so much to offer here in Gardner and I will continue working hard in support of our community’s high priority issues.
18 years of public service combined with 25 years of private sector leadership experience gives me the knowledge and skills needed to lead in these challenging times. I helped lead Gardner through the highest growth in Johnson County by modifying development policies and strengthening codes. Working together and making difficult decisions, we navigated through one of the worst economic downturns in our nation’s history while still maintaining a high level of service to our citizens. Through all of this, I have challenged city staff and our governing body to be open to change and look for better ways to serve our citizens such as collaborating with Fire District 1 or by joining with Edgerton to more affordably increase wastewater capacity.
I have never shied from a difficult situation or attempted to push away the duties for which I was elected to fulfill. In all my years of service I have been honest, open and approachable. Gardner deserves proven leadership with the right priorities to ensure a better future. If re-elected, I will serve the next four years as your Mayor with the same thoughtful, open, and objective leadership.