Joan Dorsey
Guest Columnist
Several years back there was a movie called Pay It  Forward.
Great movie, very sad.
The general premise was to do something to help a total stranger; no strings attached. They in turn would also do something for someone in need.
From the time my kids were little I expected them to be of help to their grandparents, elderly neighbors or anyone else I deemed in need.
They would be sent to help Grandma, but I am afraid she sometimes had a tendency to reward their efforts with money or things they wanted.
There was a lesson I wanted the kids to learn. It was to help and not expect a reward.
So the kids and I volunteered in our little town.
We manned a rest stop for a bike ride that passed through town.. We picked up school supplies for many years and delivered them to the local schools. These were lessons on helping and not expecting anything in return.
Fast forward to today.
My daughter posted on her Facebook page that the first five people to respond would get a handwritten note in the mail sometime in the next year.
Just a nice “Hi how are ya” written on paper and mailed via the post office.
A nice change to the junk and bills we get almost daily.
A throw back to a simpler time when the daily mail held letters from family and friends. Letters to be read reread and saved.
A little more pay it forward, only to five people you know and care about.
Her five responses came quickly. She was given addresses and will reward them with a handwritten note and possibly even a tiny gift in the year ahead. I thought this was a  great idea.
My five people came forward with the same promise. I have written their addresses in longhand and have them taped by my computer here at home. I will think of them as I sit and visit on the internet.
When I am out and about , here and there and see something small easily mail able, I will acquire it and fulfill my promise.
Here is my challenge to all of you.
Select five people, some you know, some you know not very well. Get their addresses, and send them a handwritten note this coming year.
Let the note be a surprise.
Maybe even a tiny gift. Make this your New Year’s resolution. It will make you feel better about doing something small to make someone’s day.
Pay it forward . . . just a little bit.