Snow removal in the city of Gardner is by priority.
Priority one is thoroughfares, bridges and on-traffic routes to schools.  These are plowed by single axle dump trucks continuously during snowfall.
Priority two: collector and industrial commercial streets.  These streets are plowed by single axle dump trucks continuously during snowfall.
Priority three: residential streets, which are plowed continuously during snowfall after priority two is completed.
Priority four: cul-de-sacs.  These are plowed after snowfall and after priority two and three streets are cleared.
If ice or only light snow occurs (less than 2”), and plowing is not required, city trucks will spot-treat with materials only.
Additional Snow
Removal Policies
• Private streets are maintained by applicable property owners.
• The city of Gardner does not plow sidewalks or driveways unless it is part of city-owned property.
• Driveways may be blocked during snow removal operations. The city attempts to minimize this as much as possible; however, property owners are responsible for clearing their driveways.
• Residents are reminded to remove parked vehicles from the roadway. Vehicles on roadways may be towed if they impede normal snow removal operations. Snow removal is more thoroughly accomplished if vehicles and other equipment are removed from the road.
• Residents are also reminded to remove portable basketball goals during inclement weather.
• City equipment will not be used to conduct privately-owned vehicle recovery operations.
• The city does not have designated emergency snow routes.
• Medical emergencies are referred to 911 for validation.
It takes, on average, about eight to 12 hours to salt and 24 to 36 hours to plow the city for one cycle. However, depending on the intensity of the snow event, the number of parked cars, and the traffic volume it can take several cycles to complete the entire operation.
Damage sometimes occurs to yards and mailboxes during snow removal. Damages may be reported to the Public Works Department by calling (913)856-0922. Sod damage and sprinkler damage are logged and   repaired in the spring. If a mailbox is damaged, a temporary mailbox is installed and permanent repairs are generally made with 48 to 72 hours.
While the city of Gardner plows the main thoroughfares, bridges, commercial and residential streets, the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) plows US 56 Hwy, which is Main Street in Gardner. KDOT also plow highways and ramps to I-35.