Cale Harlan takes a break at his desk Dec. 7. He was principle for a day at Moonlight Elementary. Submitted photo

Danedri Thompson
The job of elementary school principal is a tough one. Just ask Cale Harlan, 7, of Gardner.
Cale, a second grader at Moonlight Elementary School, was principal for a day on Dec. 7, and it was exhausting work.
“I went to every single classroom, supervising,” Cale said.
Cale earned the title through a drawing at the school carnival. As part of his role, he dressed the part, visited all of the classrooms at Moonlight and ate pizza in the principle’s office for lunch.
There’s more to being principal than just supervising though. Cale said an elementary principal must be at least 39 years old, and they have to dress the part.
Shiloh Harlan, Cale’s mom, said she laid out khaki cargo shorts and a nice shirt for the day, but Cale had something else in mind. He selected a shirt, tie and dress shoes.
“At the end of the day, he said his feet hurt,” Shiloh said.