Joan Dorsey
Contributing writer
On my Friday rush to the local grocery, I grabbed the last box of Twinkies off the shelf.

Last Friday consumers rushed local grocery stores to purchase what could be the last boxes of Hostess products. Staff photo by Joan Dorsey

According to the news, the Hostess company, is shutting down.
Oh say it ain’t so…
To many people this is good riddance to a bad food choice.
To some of us it was part of growing up.
Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes were a part of our lives. Not an everyday thing but a special treat when it was to hot to bake a cake, or Mom just didn’t have the time.
They, Twinkies, were always around. If you traveled by car; whatever gas station you stopped at for fuel was sure to have them.
I remember sneaking that two pack of Twinkies out of my mom’s kitchen on early summer morning. Sitting on the back step as the sun came up. Waiting for a neighbor kid to come stumbling out of their back door, bleary eyed and hungry. You always had that second piece of golden goodness to share with a friend.
They were probably the first unapproved treat I fed my son.  Easy to eat, no frosting only a creamy middle and cake. Who could ask for anything else?
I understand the Hostess company has business problems. I am very sad to hear this.
I know the 18,000 employees have families and lives to support. I still hope they will resolve this differences and keep their people working.
Hopefully another bakery will buy the recipes and keep the tradition alive. Those folks need those jobs.
And doggone it we need those Hostess memories.