Johnson County can now serve garnishment judgments electronically. Officials say the move will save the county an estimated $25,000 per year.
In an on-going effort to reduce costs and streamline services offered by the sheriff’s office, Johnson County Sheriff Frank Denning implemented the system of serving judgment garnishments electronically in early October 2012.
Prior to this initiative, 10,000 judgment garnishment papers were served annually in person by a deputy to the bank in which the garnishment was to be collected from.  Now, all Johnson County issued garnishments will be filed and delivered electronically to participating banks; alleviating the need for a deputy to deliver the papers in person.
Initial estimates based on the current enrollment put the annual savings at $25,000 in labor and printing costs.  In addition, this process streamlines the time in which these garnishments are delivered and collections are made.
Currently 10 banks throughout Johnson County are participating.  It is anticipated that additional banks will be participating in the future resulting in increased savings.