Juror survey reflects high confidence in local courts, judges
Juror surveys for 2012 reflect a 97 percent confidence level with how Johnson County District Court judges handle civil and criminal jury trials, according to Chief Judge Thomas Foster.
Johnson County District Court judges routinely provide jurors with surveys related to their
level of satisfaction with jury service, which includes everything from their experience with the facilities to their opinions of judicial demeanor, impartiality, courtesy, and competence.
Although there is no longer any state-wide evaluation system for judges as a result of state budget cuts, Johnson County courts routinely provide jury surveys that provide a good snapshot of how the local judiciary is functioning in jury trials. Out of a total of 1,860 juror responses that “Rate the Judge:”
• 1,498, or 80.5 percent, provided an excellent rating;
• 313, or 16.8 percent, provided a good rating;
• 13, or .7 percent, provided a neutral rating;
• 5, or .3 percent, provided a fair rating; and,
• 31, or 1.7 percent, made no rating response.
Overall, then, 97.3 percent of all jurors surveyed rated their judges as either excellent or good.
In terms of the juror administrative system, such as the clarity of the summons, the telephone call-in system, treatment by courthouse staff, physical comfort of the facilities, parking, opinions of jury service before and after trial and confidence in the legal system, out of 2,358 responses, 1,154
(48.9 percent) rated the system as excellent; 804 (34.1 percent) rated the system as good; 270 (11.5 percent) ratedthe system as neutral; 62 (2.6 percent) rated the system as fair; 27 (1.2 percent) rated the system as poor; and41 (1.7 percent) made no response.