Danedri Thompson
Twitter followers got a first-hand account of the central booking facility during a virtual ride-along on Oct. 25.
Using the hashtag, “#jocotweetalong,” deputies live-tweeted during a shift from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
As the shift began, the deputies updated via Twitter the happenings in 141-characters or less.
“Headcounts happenings, gotta make sure we start with the same number inmates we were left with, stand by to see how it goes,” deputies tweeted as the shift began.
At the central booking facility, those arrested have their mugshots taken and are fingerprinted. Deputies also check for warrants and enter data about new inmates.
With everything set for the shift start, deputies accounted for 216 inmates at the booking facility.
Virtual followers asked questions, and received answers as deputies booked inmates. An early questioner asked what jail looks like when an inmate first arrived and what inmates would be having for dinner. Deputies responded with pictures.
Tweeters also asked procedural and administration questions like how much it costs to house an inmate each day — $40 to $120 depending on custody level – and how many people are booked for driving under the influence each day.
“Good question, vary different every day. Fri. & Sat. have more than weekdays,” deputies tweeted. “Three booked so far with three waiting to come in. Going to be a busy day!”
Followers also learned that the Overland Park Police Department brings more inmates to the facility than any other department; the average age of male inmates is 32; the average age of female inmates is 31; probably the most famous former inmate was serial killer John Robinson; and systemwide the county houses between 600 and 750 inmates each day.
The entire conversation can be viewed on Twitter. The handle for the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is @jocosheriff.