Image of sample license courtesy of state of Kansas

Kansans are receiving a redesigned and more secure driver’s license.
“We are committed to protecting people from driver’s license fraud and identity fraud,” director of vehicles Donna Shelite said. “That sort of fraud is typically a building block crime from which more serious crimes are committed.”
Shelite and Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan along with Gov. Sam Brownback unveiled the new design at a press conference.
“It is important to protect the integrity of our identification cards for all Kansans,” said Governor Sam Brownback. “This new card will make illegal duplication very difficult, and in turn will protect Kansas citizens better.”
The new license includes several security features that make it extremely difficult for counterfeiters to forge including:
Ultra-violet image of the cardholder’s portrait and date of birth on the back of the card (viewable with UV light)
Multi-colored, highly detailed holograms
Highly detailed ultra-violet (UV) image of the state flower (viewable with UV light)
Two ghost images of the cardholder’s portrait in addition to the conventional photograph
Tactile printing that you can feel
Kansas’ driver’s license and ID card design was last changed in 2004; states typically change their designs every four to six years.
“The new Kansas driver’s license card is among the most secure in the country,” said Alcoholic Beverage Control Director Dean Reynoldson, who also oversees the department’s Office of Special Investigations, which investigates driver’s license fraud. “The card, combined with a new more secure driver’s license and ID card application process, makes Kansas one of the most difficult states to commit driver’s license or identification card fraud. “
Driver’s license and ID cards using the old design will still be valid and people will not need to come in to get a new card until their current card expires. The new design will also not cost extra.