Someone once said, change is the one constant in life, and nothing could be more true in Southwest Johnson County.
With population growth headed south down the I-35 corridor, warehouse growth at New Century and industrial growth coming north from the railroad tracks, now’s the time to plan for future land use.
To that end, several area taxing entities that have joined together to discuss the Southwest Johnson County Area Plan.
The Nov. 1 meeting, which will be from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Edgerton City Hall, is a joint endeavor including Edgerton, Gardner, Johnson County, the Kansas Department of Transportation and the Mid-America Regional Council.
Unfortunately, we don’t see the Gardner Edgerton School District included on the list, and we encourage board members to attend, if they have not already planned to do so.
Any land use, population, tax base change or tax shift will have a large impact on our school district. And because the district is the largest taxing entity in the area, those changes will most directly affect taxpayers’ pocketbooks.
The Southwest Johnson County Area Plan will be a guide to the future for transportation, development, open space, natural resources and special features in the area of the new BNSF intermodal facility and logistics facility.
We urge the planners to create a plan that future community leaders can stick with. Otherwise, we worry these planning sessions will be a waste of time and money.
Kudos to the entities who have joined together and invited the public to be part of the planning discussion.