Kansas City Chiefs fans are under the gun this week after Chiefs tackle Eric Winston publicly reprimanded them. Winston told media that he was angry that Chiefs fans booed when starting quarterback Matt Cassel was injured during last Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens.
Winston’s comments inappropriately and unfairly painted all Chiefs fans with the same ugly color, but it’s probably good timing for fans of all stripes and persuasions to consider how their actions appear to outsiders.
Good sportsmanship in life, in politics and on the field never goes out of style. It’s a lesson we all need to consider from time to time.
It’s frustrating and disappointing to see the Chiefs play substandard football week in and week out. There’s nothing better than Arrowhead Stadium when the Chiefs are winning.
The same goes for Gardner Edgerton High School’s stadium. When the Blazers are winning, it seems the entire community has a bounce in its step. When we’re off to a slow start, as our football squad has been this season, things seem a little drearier. We’ve heard and seen online plenty of distasteful talk about the happenings on the field on Friday nights.
Those discussions should be carefully tempered. Those aren’t grown men on the field, but young boys still growing and learning. We certainly don’t want to see them yelled at, singled-out and abused by coaches or parents.
Thanks to DVRs, we could rewind and repeat the moments after Cassel was injured on the field. We couldn’t hear the jeers that Winston heard, but we weren’t at Arrowhead. Winston was. We think better of Chiefs fans, but from time to time, we all need a good schooling in sportsmanship.