Mark Taylor
Residents of 191st Street are none too happy with the city of Edgerton’s decision to designate the road for heavy haul to accommodate intermodal clients.
“We have a mud road,” resident Rob Shippy told the council on Sept 27.
“My issue with this is that nobody took the homes into account on that road,” Shippy added.
Shippy said he understands the long-term need for the heavy haul road.
“I am sure it will be beneficial long term for everyone involved,” he said.  “But nobody pays any mind to the homes that are there.”
Shippy said he doesn’t know of anyone who lives on a heavy haul road, and doubts that he would be able to sell his home at market value.
He said there are about three homes occupied on the street.
The Edgerton City Council voted last month to allow heavy haul 191st Street, leading into the intermodal logistics park.
The heavy haul route would extend between Waverly and Four Corners roads.
According to state law, trucks are limited to 80,000 pounds gross weight on the interstate and 85,000 pounds on other highways.
Beth Linn, city administrator, told the Edgerton City Council last month that heavy haul capabilities would make the intermodal logistics park more attractive to businesses considering the Edgerton location because it would allow them to “streamline their supply chains.”
“The State of Kansas does allow truck drivers to purchase an oversize/overweight permit,” Linn said.  “In contrast, containers may be shipped along BNSF railway with additional load that once placed on a truck which would push the tuck over the maximum gross vehicle weight.
“This phenomenon prompts businesses to request the ability to provide more overweight containers into and out of the intermodal by truck.”
The cost for upgrading 191st Street between Waverly and Four Corners is $962,470.
BNSF has agreed to cover the additional expense of building the road up for heavy haul.
The intermodal logistics park is expected to open in late 2013.