Tucker Davis
Club Reporter
The monthly meeting of Prairie Star 4-H was held on September 10, 2012 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. The meeting was called to order by President Haylee Burk, and pledged were led by Dewey Molenda and Macy Loring. Roll call was “What is your favorite fall activity?” there were 21 members present, and we had 3 introductions of 1st time guests, Charli McGill, Macy Schaffer, and Tylier Small.
Haylee Burk gave the Treasurer’s report and the club has a total of $878.28. Tucker Davis gave the Reporter’s report and turned in the monthly minutes to the newspaper.  Anthony Deters gave the Historian’s report.  Lauren Molenda read the minutes from the last monthly meeting, and stand approved as read.
The Community Leader report was given my Jeanette Davis and Bert Molenda.  Bert asked parents to sign up for committees and talked about new things we will be doing during the upcoming  year. Jeanette Davis talked to the club about enrollment and participation forms, officer training, national 4-h week, Shooting Sports, Sewing Orientation and Achievement Night.
Our club members elected new officers for the new 4-h year.
Anthony Deters made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Tucker Davis seconded the motion. The next monthly meeting will be held on October 8th 2012 at the Johnson county fairgrounds.