Mark Taylor
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Gardner officials are concerned about the impact of Edgerton’s recently approved heavy haul route would have on their city.
Cheryl Harrison-Lee, Gardner city administrator, told the council last week that she had met with Beth Linn, Edgerton city administrator, to discuss the Edgerton City Council’s recent action to allow heavy haul on 191st Street.
The heavy haul route would extend between Waverly and Four Corners roads.
Waverly Road is the closest connection to Gardner.
Gardner City Council members expressed concern Sept. 10 about street maintenance costs as a result of heavy haul.
Mayor Dave Drovetta and Councilman Chris Morrow suggested looking into portable weigh scales.
Drovetta also mentioned the possibility of issuing heavy haul permits to help cover the cost of street maintenance.
According to state law, trucks are limited to 80,000 pounds gross weight on the interstate and 85,000 pounds on other highways.
Linn told the Edgerton City Council last week that heavy haul capabilities would make the intermodal logistics park more attractive to businesses considering the Edgerton location because it would allow them to “streamline their supply chains.”
“The State of Kansas does allow truck drivers to purchase an oversize/overweight permit,” Linn said.  “In contrast, containers may be shipped along BNSF railway with additional load that once placed on a truck which would push the tuck over the maximum gross vehicle weight.
“This phenomenon prompts businesses to request the ability to provide more overweight containers into and out of the intermodal by truck.”
The cost for upgrading 191st Street between Waverly and Four Corners is $962,470.
BNSF has agreed to cover the additional expense of building the road up for heavy haul.
The intermodal logistics park is expected to open in late 2013.
The initial construction calls for 48,000 feet of track, 1,810 truck parking spaces, and 4,300 container stacking spots.
That will provide capacity for about 500,000 lifts.
The Edgerton intermodal – which will replace a smaller facility in Argentine — will be one of two in the country with electric lifting capability.
The facility will use state-of-the-art electric cranes that measure 253 feet wide.
The Allen Group, developer of the logistics park, has identified one warehouse tenant for the development.
The DeLong Co., an exporter of containerized grain, closed on the purchase of an 8.7 acre site last year to provide more overweight containers into and out of the intermodal by truck.