Bill Lucas
Mr. Merrill Mathews’ column (The Gardner News, Aug. 8) about the plunge in carbon dioxide output due to fracking is a figment of his imagination.  Here is a link to the U.S. Energy Information Agency’s report:  LINK
They gave their own three reasons for the decline which Mr. Mathews decides to omit because they fit do not his agenda.
“However, CO2 emissions during January-March 2012 were low due to a combination of three factors:
• A mild winter that reduced household heating demand and therefore energy use
• A decline in coal-fired electricity generation, due largely to historically low natural gas prices
• Reduced gasoline demand”
Until Mr. Mathews can cite a double-blind, scientific study that properly controlled other factors influencing the rise and fall of CO2 emission and has proven exclusively that fracking is the sole or majority cause of the fall or cite his authority for making such a claim, I choose to believe the agency which issued the report in the first place.