The Gardner Police Department wants to warn all businesses, especially convenience stores and fast food restaurants, of the potential for counterfeit $10 and $20 bills to service in our community.
Last week, Harrisonville Police Department reported (and are currently investigating) six different incidents of the counterfeit bills being passed.  Harrisonville Police representatives advised that the counterfeit bills do not feel the same as normal currency should.  The suspect fled before Harrisonville officers arrived.
The suspect is described by witnesses as a slender white male, 5’9” to 5’10” in height.  He was described as having dark brown or reddish hair, unshaven with a possible goatee and was last seen wearing blue jean shorts.  The suspect is further described as having multiple tattoos on his arms that appeared to be “sleeves”.  The suspect was also seen with a woman and another male driving a white Dodge Charger and a dark green Pontiac with Missouri license plate UG5-H5J.
The suspect purchases a small item such as a small soda, pays with a counterfeit $10 or $20 bill and then receives the change in cash.  It was reported that the counterfeit bills all have the same serial number.
The US Secret Service is assisting Harrisonville PD with the investigation.
Should anyone become suspicious that they may be receiving a counterfeit bill or observes anyone matching the above suspect description, please contact the Gardner Police Department immediately.