OLATHE, KS (Johnson County Square) —The  public hearing on the Johnson County’s proposed FY 2013 Budget is scheduled at 7 p.m. Monday, July 23, in the hearing room of the Board of County Commissioners.
The hearing room is located on the third floor of the Johnson County Administration Building, 111 South Cherry Street, in downtown Olathe. The hearing will provide an opportunity for Johnson County citizens to learn more about the proposed budget and comment on how county services are financed.
The Board of County Commissioners has set the Proposed FY 2013 Operating and Capital Improvement Budget at approximately $815.1million with a constant mill levy of 23.188 mills, which traditionally has been the lowest mill levy among 105 counties in Kansas. The county has maintained a constant mill levy since 2007 when the mill levy was 23.199.  One mill equals $1 on every $1,000 of a homeowner’s assessed valuation.
The current budget is $810.6 million. The Board’s proposed FY 2013 Budget includes estimated expenditures of $669,685,292, which are $12.3million less than current budgeted expenditures, and anticipated reserves of almost $145.4million.
The Board is scheduled to approve the new budget on Thursday, August 9, during its business session that begins at 9:30 a.m. in the hearing room. By state law, the county must adopt the FY 2013 Budget by August 25.
More information is available by contacting Scott Neufeld, Director of the Johnson County Department of Budget and Financial Planning, at (913) 715-0553 or [email protected] orJohnson County Manager Hannes Zacharias at (913) 715-0731 or [email protected]