Danedri Thompson
Art imitates life for Barbara Sue Sweetwood.
Sixteen years ago, the Wellsville woman who grew up in Gardner, visited Jacksonhole, Wyo., for a brief holiday. She fell in love with the Teton Mountains and the area.
“I think if God had his own little cabin, that’s where it would be,” she said.
When her vacation ended, she quit her job and started looking for work there.
“I never would’ve come back here, except I became a grandma and I couldn’t stay away,” Sweetwood said.
The experiences she had in Big Sky Country influence two books the Wellsville woman published.
Her first book, “One Woman’s Courage” was published in April of this year and is set in 1865.
It follows the story of a woman, who after losing her father in a suspicious hunting accident, struggles to save their Wyoming ranch. She also struggles to be exonerated of a stabbing she’s accused of committing.
“The first book I wrote, I just kind of did it in my spare time as a hobby,” Sweetwood said. “It probably took close to a year to write.”
Her second book, “A Rapid Heartbeat,” is set in the current day and tells the story of a 57-year-old woman who goes on a holiday in Montana where she meets a rancher. He invites her to spend the summer with him on his ranch.
Both of her books feature strong, independent women as do the three books Sweetwood has in the works. She anticipates publishing a sequel to “One Woman’s Courage” next.
Sweetwood’s books are available on Amazon.com and at Auburn Pharmacy in Wellsville.
She will host a book signing in Gardner this weekend. The event runs from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on July 21 at the Tumbleweed. Her books will be available for purchase at the time, but Sweetwood invites all to attend.
“I’d still love to see all my Gardner friends,” she said.