Traditional Republicans for Common Sense
TOPEKA— A group of more than 50 former traditional Republican legislators from across the state have called on Gov. Sam Brownback to come clean to Kansans over primary election endorsements, actions.
Over the past few days, Gov. Brownback has made a series of endorsements in senate races and sent administration officials to volunteer for candidates in the field.
“It’s astonishing to see a governor who is more interested in politics than policy, more interested in elections than governing,”said former Assistant Majority Leader and State Chair of the Republican Party Rep. Rochelle Chronister. “Gov. Brownback may want a rubber-stamp majority in the legislature, but I think Kansans will have something to say about that on election day. Kansans want their elected officials to do what’s best for their communities, their schools, the elderly and their children.”
Due to his tax policy, Gov. Brownback will have managed to take a $500 million surplus and will turn it into a $2.7 billion deficit—the largest in state history—by the end of his first term. And, with almost half of the state budget wiped out by then, schools could face cuts of up to 40 percent that will force classroom sizes to increase, rural schools to close and local property taxes to skyrocket.
“The administration can try to change the faces in the Legislature, but it won’t change the fact that his policies have been one expensive failure after the next” said Chronister. “The administration may be focused on 2012, but Kansans are already starting to look to 2014 because we need a state government that is thoughtful, responsible and responsive to the concerns of everyday Kansans…not political, special interest groups.”
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