Bill Lucas
In response to: Kansas Congressional delegation reacts to Supreme Court healthcare ruling in the July 4 edition of the Gardner News: LINK
[Congressman Kevin Yoder, who represents Kansas’ Third District which includes Johnson County, said in a statement Thursday morning. “It will lower quality and increase the cost of care of all Americans. It is a tremendous burden on small business and our struggling economic recovery, and we simply can’t afford it.”]
I have saved several hundred dollars in out of pocket cost share expenses in preventive care this year that I would have paid without the ACA.   Focusing on preventive care will raise the quality of care not lower it.
As usual, Congressman Yoder makes statements yet cites nothing to back up his mouth.  The CBO, on the other hand, has stated the ACA will bend the cost curve of health care downward and so far it has.  One only has to go to the CBO website and read about yourself.
So do Americans stand for denying care based on preexisting conditions even when a child is born with it?  Should we go back to lifetime and annual caps?  When one hits the caps, the only option is to die.  Is this for what Americans stand?  The Republicans claim they want to repeal the ACA and replace with something better.
They also promised to focus on the economy.  We saw what they did when they won majorities in several states and the congress. They worked exclusively on birth control, abortion, union busting, cutting off funding to Planned Parenthood, and more tax cuts for the wealthy.  From 1994 to 2006 they held majorities in the House and Senate and did nothing about healthcare.  From 2001, they held all three branches of the Federal government and still did nothing about the rising cost of healthcare.  Instead, they passed a huge expansion of Medicare with the addition of prescription drug program, lied about the true cost, and did nothing to pay for it.  Republicans — the so called experts in fiscal responsibility.