Mark Taylor
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For the past three weeks, some Gardner Lake residents have been living in fear of a boa constrictor rumored to be slithering along Lake Road 8.
Those fears were allayed June 27 when deputies from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office found the reptile dead.
“We got a call about three weeks ago about a boa and found no evidence” said Tom Erickson, spokesperson for the sheriff’s office. Someone said they ran one over.
“Lo and behold last night, we did find it. It had been dead for a considerable amount of time.
Erickson said the boa was found in a secluded wooded area.
“It was down in the woods,” he said. “Unless you were looking for it you probably wouldn’t have noticed it was a boa.”
The Gardner Lake Association send out a letter to residents warning them about presence of the potentially deadly snake.
The memo said the boa was “let loose” on Lake Road 10 and was later spotted at the crossing of Gardner Road and Lake Road 8.
“So it is traveling,” the letter read.
The letter also stated that one resident “drove over it several times but was not able to kill it — it ran back into the weeds on Lake Road 8.”
The Lake Association added, “Boa constrictors can grow to 10 feet long and live 25 years. They are not poisonous, but just as deadly as they squeeze their prey to death.  Boas can be found on the ground and in trees. They hunt day or night for small animals….”
Erickson said the snake was about 6 feet long.
He added that residents are not likely to see another boa anytime soon.
Erickson said he did not know where the snake came from but speculated that someone who kept it as a pet released it or that it escaped.
“Boas are not natural to this area,” he said. “Someone let it go.”