Bev Harris
I have found and posted the actual voter list software used widely throughout  the USA (Tennessee, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Kansas) for Accenture voter registration and voter  histories. I located the files on a magnetic backup tape of the hard drive of a  county elections IT employee, part of a 120-gig set of discovery files.   The Accenture voter registration / voter history software is highly problematic,  and has been reported switching voter parties in Colorado, and losing voter  histories in Tennessee. Although it is now widely known that Accenture voter  list software gets it wrong, just WHY the program misreports voter information  so often has never been explained. I am hoping that by releasing this software  to the public, it may shed light on what’s really going on with our voter  registration systems.   I also posted a Tennessee file with work orders and release notes which shows  the Accenture software has a history of tripling votes in certain (“random”)  voter histories, going back to 2004. Except it is not random: Other files I  discovered prove it is with primarily suburban Republican precincts that votes  are somehow being recorded twice and sometimes three times for certain voters in  the voter history report, and this didn’t just happen in 2004; it also happened  in the 2008 presidential primary and in May and August 2010, and according to  election commission notes in Shelby County, also in the 2012 presidential  primary.   Computer buffs, have at it. Much source code exists within the structure because  it is built on MS Access. I do not read source code, though I can see some  structural problems with the software (for example, it allows political party ID  to be set differently from one precinct to another).   Here’s the download link –  As a followup on our last story: The issue of 11,000 disappearing voter  histories in Tennessee has now been assigned to a special master for  investigation, and the state of Tennessee has officially announced that it has  halted further voter purges.  To support the absolutely unique and highly effective investigative reporting by  Black Box Voting, please consider making a generous donation, or (even better!)  a monthly sponsorship: Or mail to: Black Box Voting 330 SW 43rd St Suite K PMB 543 Renton WA 98057