Mark Taylor
Train whistles may soon be a thing of the past in Edgerton.
The city council is considering an agreement with the Johnson County Board of Commissioner to approve quiet zones at the city’s crossings on Nelson Street near Edgerton Lake and on 199th Street east of U.S. Highway 56.
The council tabled a vote on the quiet zones June 15 pending county review of the contract.
The quiet zones are being considered in response to the BNSF intermodal logistics park project.
The pending agreement obligates the city to cover the costs of improvements, including right-of-way and easement  acquisition in the unincorporated area.
The council last year approved a $44,800 agreement for professional services related to the quiet zones.
The contract with Olsson Associates includes work regarding pre-construction documents, testing, permitting and final design work on the crossings.
When the quiet zones are completed, trains entering and exiting the planned intermodal logistics park on the east side of Edgerton will not be required to blow their whistles at those crossings except in cases of emergency.
Construction is being financed with revolving funds from the state as a part of the city’s finance agreement for the project and also from revenues paid to the city in lieu of taxes as part of the project agreement.
In the meantime, construction work is underway at the intermodal logistics park property.
The development is expected to open in the last quarter of 2013.