Pedestrians, motorists and bikers should all be a little bit safer with the new sidewalks the city is installing at U.S. 56 Highway and Moonlight Road.
For  too long that busy intersection and stretch of U.S. 56 Highway has been an accident-in-the-making for those brave enough to walk or try to cross it.
We’ve seen school children, mothers with strollers and disabled  residents on their way to school, the grocery store or home walking along that route.
The Moonlight Road and U.S. Highway 56 intersection is already congested and confusing.
Between ill-placed traffic lights near the tracks on Moonlight for westbound travelers, quirky turn lights and numerous trains, we’ve always shuddered when pedestrians attempt to cross or  walk on road’s shoulder.
Frequently we’ve seen school children “take to the tracks” on the walk to or from school; ostensibly believing walking down the railroad tracks is safer than U.S. 56 Highway; the same with pedestrians and bikers on the west side who use the Moonlight Plaza’s parking lot rather than the uneven ground that stretched along side U.S. 56 Highway.
No more.
The city of Gardner is installing sidewalks. And that’s a nod for the safety of all Gardner citizens.
Also, if you ride a bicycle, please wear a helmet. It is the cheapest health insurance you can buy.