TOPEKA—Today, a group of 55 former traditional Republican legislators from across the state called on Governor Sam Brownback to explain comments that he made on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program regarding his tax plan, admitting that his plan is a “real live experiment.”
“I applaud the Governor for finally being truthful with Kansans about the ‘experimental’ nature of his tax plan,” said former Assistant Majority Leader and State Chair of the Republican Party Rep. Rochelle Chronister. “Unfortunately, this‘experiment’ will bankrupt our state and create a $2.7 billion deficit within five years.”
When asked in the interview how the state would pay for it, Brownback admitted to already raising taxes on the oil and gas industry and said that, “the manufacturing sector is growing, the aviation sector is really moving up.”
“I hope that the Governor is right about things picking up in the manufacturing and aviation industries, but I don’t think anybody in Wichita believes that statement. Boeing has announced that they are closing down their operations and Hawker Beechcraft announced at the end of April layoffs of 350 employees,” said Chronister. “The biggest question that should have been asked and still needs to be answered is how are we going to pay for this plan?”
Governor Brownback also claimed that the tax plan would not cut education or social services. However, according to numbers released by the Kansas Department of Education, school budgets are expected to be cut by up to 40 percent over the coming years in order to accommodate the anticipated State General Fund budget shortfall.
The full interview can be seen, here:
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