UPDATE: Kiegerl has officially filed for re-election.

“After careful consideration and consultation with my family and doctors I have decided to file for my fifth and final term to represent the new 43rd District,” Kiegerl said. “Health issues have not prevented my performance during the last session. I have a perfect attendance record this year and have taken on additional duties by accepting the chairmanship of the committee for children and family issues.”

 The conservative lawmaker suffered a mild stroke during the 2011 legislative session and has undergone a period of successful rehabilitation. He has been a major advocate for children’s issues during his years in the Legislature.
“While we passed important legislation, especially benefitting autistic and disabled kids this year, much work remains,” he said. “I will continue to act as a spokesman for the most needy among us, and I look forward to being part of the new leadership team should you return me to the House next January.”
Original post:

 Mark Taylor
Rep. Mike Kiegerl (R-Olathe) has announced that he will decide by June 10 whether to seek re-election to the 43rd District.
However, if re-elected, Kiegerl may serve in a separate district from Gardner after representative boundaries are redrawn.
Gardner residents Bill Sutton and Dan Thompson have filed to represent Gardner’s district.
Kiegerl, who suffered a stroke in early 2011, said he has the blessings of his family, doctors and colleagues to run for another term if that is his choice.
“I’ve spoken at great length with my saintly wife who is little help because she is supportive of either decision, as is the rest of my family,” he said in a recent newsletter.  “My doctors are also encouraging. Two of them are personal friends who knowing my restless nature think I should remain active. I have also received much support from colleagues in the House and many of you have also voiced that I should do it. This is good for the ego and flattering.”
Kiegerl said he was concerned about his “physical condition which takes its toll from the long hours and the daily two-and-a-half hour commute.”
“But if the past two weeks did not kill me, I’ll probably survive another term,” he said. “It’s all in God’s hands anyhow. I am grateful to have recovered from my stroke, having kept my understanding, and on the whole I feel fine.”
He also cited financial concerns.
“I have largely financed my past four elections and I spent $42,000 of my money so far (for a job that pays $17,000 – pretty smart?),” he said.  “I have never asked anyone for money, all contributions I got were unsolicited, but with grandchildren going to college I will need to raise funds, which bothers me a lot.”
Kiegerl added, “The 2012 session was strenuous and I took on leadership responsibilities by accepting the chairmanship of a committee. Once again I have a perfect attendance record and I love the job.
“Therefore, unless the court makes major changes in the 43rd District, I intend to file. Then it’s up to God and the voters to decide where I’ll spend next Spring.”