Mark Taylor
After viewing photographs of intermodal container storage lots in Argentine, the Edgerton City Council voted to have more stringent requirements for storage lots within city limits.
All container storage facilities must have a minimum of 20 acres and a hard asphalt or concrete surface.
Beth Linn, city administrator, showed photos of the Argentine lots that were not hard surfaced.
There were visible pot holes, standing water, and trucks kicking up dust.
“Some of these pictures look almost like a salvage yard,” said Councilman Clay Longanecker.
Linn said container storage facilities are sure to locate in Edgerton and Gardner.
She said an owner of a container storage lot in Argentine has already purchased property in Edgerton.
“Neither the BNSF Intermodal Facility nor Logistics Park KC is mean for the storage of cargo containers of trucks for extended periods of time,” Linn said. “There are companies that specialize in the storage of cargo containers, truck trailers and truck chassis. Usually these companies prefer to locate in areas surrounding the intermodal facilities to reduce travel distances, which can equate to less pollution, wear on streets, decreased transportation costs, and possibly centralizes perceived negative impacts from these facilities on the surrounding community.”
The city of Gardner is also considering regulations for storage containers.
The intermodal logistics park is expected to open in late 2013.
In other business:
The council approved a build/design agreement wit Burns and McDonnell and CAS Construction LLC for the construction of a sanitary sewer system to serve the BNSF site as well as future growth areas.
The $16.9 million project will be financed in partnership with the city of Gardner.
Edgerton’s share, which will be funded with a state low interest revolving loan, will be $10.23 million.
Gardner’s share will be $6.71 million.
The interest rate on Edgerton’s loan will be 2.26 percent. Payments will total $700,000 per year.
The first payment is due in March, 2014, will allows time for more tenants to sign onto the logistics park.
Agreed to look further into an ETC Direction Finder study that would gauge citizens’ thoughts  regarding parks and recreation programming and other items.
The survey would cost $11,000 and would net 400 responses.
The survey would also use comparisons with similar sized cities from across the country.
Approved a request from Patrick Robinson, president of the Allen Group, developer of the logistics park, to allow for a heavy weight corridor inside the development.
Robinson said the Allen Group would pay for and maintain the upgrade.
He said several potential tenants have requested a heavy weight corridor because it allows them to ship 15 to 20 percent more weight in a container.
For exports, trucks enter the facility at street legal weights, and then overfill the container.
For imports, the additional weight in the container is broken down into additional trucks of legal weight.
Robinson said overweight trucks would not be allowed on “regular” streets outside the facility.