Mark Taylor
[email protected]
Gardner Lake residents are concerned about a storm siren that stopped working about two years ago.
According to Gardner Lake Association officials, the siren was installed at 15532 Lake Road 9 as many as 20 years ago.
But the siren stopped working about two years when the power line feeding it was removed.
Dan Robeson, deputy director for Johnson County Emergency Management, and Jo Ella Hoye, management and budget analyst for the county, met with Harold Quaintance, president of the Lake Association on May 15 to discuss solutions to the problem.
As a result of the meeting, Robeson, Hoye and Quaintance agreed to pursue the following steps:
The Lake Association will consider contacting KCP&L to determine whether the siren is still functional.
The Lake Association will also determine how to pay for power to the siren.
In the meantime, Johnson County Emergency Management will be called in to provide emergency preparedness training for lake residents.
Johnson County staff will also assist the Lake Association in getting a loan, if needed, go make the siren operational.
“At this time, Johnson County staff believes we have offered all of the assistance that we can without further information about the condition of the siren,” Hoye said. “