Andrew Ewing and Taylor Harrison, both of Spring Hill, will be honored with scholarships from the Kansas 4-H Foundation.
The pair will join more than 45 other Kansas students in sharing scholarships worth $41,150 from the foundation.
The scholarships can be used to fund post-secondary education in 2012-13 academic year and will be awarded at the 2012 Emerald Circle Banquet on May 31 in Manhattan.
“Education – and the building of life skills and lifelong interests in many disciplines – is an integral part of Kansas 4-H programs, and it is our pleasure to make academic awards to extend educational opportunities,” said Gordon Hibbard, president of the 4-H Foundation.
While there are more than 30 different project opportunities in 4-H, each supports experiential learning in science, engineering and technology, and promotes citizenship, leadership, service and healthy living, Hibbard said.
Scholarship recipients are 4-H members selected through an annual application and review process. Many donors are former 4-H members who give back with appreciation for experiences in 4-H that have helped to shape their lives, he said.
“We are fortunate to have generous donors willing to support Kansas 4-H through the contribution of these scholarships,” said Barbara Stone, assistant director, K-State Research and Extension and state leader, Kansas 4-H. ”These types of gifts reward hard work, achievement and outstanding leadership, which are invaluable outcomes in Kansas 4-H’s program efforts to grow Kansas leaders.”