Mark Taylor
The three-year-old Edgerton Recreation and Cultural Arts Committee is for all intents and purposes defunct.
Four of six members of the committee resigned last week.
Two other members have not attended meetings in several weeks.
On top of that, there are three other vacancies on the committee.
So it’s back to the drawing board for the Edgerton City Council as it explores ways to provide recreational opportunities for citizens.
“We’re going to look into a citizen survey to find out what citizens want in parks and recreation program,” said Beth Linn, city administrator.
Those survey results will be used by the council in determining how to proceed with future recreation programming.
The nine-member volunteer committee was formed in 2009 to advise the city council and administrator on parks facilities, recreation programs, recreational activities and cultural arts events.
Since its inception, the board has organized bingo games, youth dances, and other activities.
Marcia Booten, Deanna Ewbank, Mary Peterson and Vickie Stegham each submitted their resignation from the committee last week.
Booten said she was resigning due to “business needs and family commitments.”
Peterson cited “lack of support and participation” as her reason for resigning.
Stegman also cited “lack of support” in her decision to leave the committee.
Two other members Josh Beam and Kourtney Francis, have yet to resign, but have not been active on the committee in recent months, Linn said.
Linn said she will research survey vendors and report back to the council at a future meeting.