Master Deputy Perry Williams is receiving a TOP COPS Award from the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO).
He will receive the award on May 12 at an awards dinner and reception.
Williams was nominated for the award by U.S. Attorney for the State of Kansas, Barry R. Grissom.
Williams’ award was the result of a multi-jurisdictional, multi-state case that began in April 2010 and concluded in September 2011.
The culmination of Williams’ work was a coordinated take down of multiple drug targets that resulted in the seizure of significant drugs, firearms, assets and drug forfeiture judgments of $3,226,000.
Williams partnered with the Kansas Highway Patrol, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, the United States Marshall Service, and the Internal Revenue Service to coordinate the successful investigation of 23 defendants.
“Deputy Williams went the extra mile in providing extraordinary help during the investigation and trial preparation in this matter,” Grissom said. “Deputy Williams acted as a true professional.”
Sheriff Frank Denning said, “I am extremely proud of Master Deputy Williams’ professionalism in this investigation. His hard work and dedication is a shining example of the quality of service the men and women of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office provide to our community.”
The TOP COPS Award educates the American public about the nation’s heroes and to pays tribute to law enforcement officers from federal, state, county and local agencies across the nation for outstanding service to their communities.