Mark Taylor
[email protected]
Johnson County is experiencing a whooping cough “outbreak” county commissioners were told May 10.
Nancy Tausz, disease control director for the county health department, said 75 cases of the disease have been reported, “and we’re getting more cases in all the time.”
Tausz said all ages are susceptible to whooping cough but the disease is mainly concentrated in children in grades 5-8.
Symptoms include coughing that lasts for two weeks.
“If you start coughing, don’t wait two weeks,” Tausz said. “Go to your health care provider.”
Tausz said the disease is “so easily spread” and that the department has been in contact with daycare providers and school districts on a daily basis.
She said a Tdap vaccination is available for free at the health department for adults who have contact with children 6 and younger.
Anyone who has symptoms of whooping cough is asked to contact the health department.