Mark Taylor
The Johnson County Human Resources Department and District Attorney’s Office have started an ethics hotline to help prevent fraudulent and unethical behavior by county employees.
Hannes Zacharias, county manager, told county commissioners on April 26 that the hotline will be launched on April 30.
County employees are asked to use the hotline to report unethical behavior, including:
Use of unlicensed software.
Inappropriate use of county assets.
Intentional and fraudulent use of time sheets or expense statements.
Inappropriate sharing of confidential information.
Conflicts of interest, bribes or kickbacks.
Disappearance of tools, equipment, furniture or fixtures.
“Reporting questionable behavior is an important responsibility of all employees in order to protect the integrity of our organization and ensure the appropriate use of resources,” Zacharias wrote in a memo to the board.
Reports will be investigated by the human resources department and the district attorney, if necessary.
The hotline will be monitored by Global Compliance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The hotline number is (855) 236-2042. Reports can also be made online at