Moonlight Elementary School students try their hands at Zumba on April 19. The students helped cheer on physical education teacher Kyle Amos as he ran and walked around the school for 24 hours. Staff photo by Danedri Thompson

Kyle Amos takes one of hundreds of laps around Moonlight Elementary School on April 19. Here, Amos nears approximately 30 miles during his 24-hour trek around the school buildings. The physical education teacher challenged his students and other staff to do 30 minutes of exercise each day for 48 days. In return, he agreed to run and walk for 24-hours straight. Staff photo by Danedri Thompson

Danedri Thompson
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Kyle Amos, Moonlight Elementary School physical education teacher, is committed to inspiring a lifelong habit of good nutrition and exercise.
He challenged teachers and staff at the school to join him in living healthier lifestyles with a 48-day challenge in which they each exercised 30 minutes a day for 48 days. Daily activity logs were returned to the school in time for Amos’ personal challenge – 24 hours of running and walking around the elementary school on April 19.
“This is a great way for the students and families to increase their daily physical activity as well as bring awareness to the importance of physical fitness and nutrition for all ages,” he said.
His 24-hour challenge started at 8:15 a.m. on the playground at Moonlight Elementary School. As the school day began, students, teachers and staff joined him in walking and running alongside him. He finished the challenge at 8:15 a.m. the next morning.
For the students, the thousands of steps Amos took on April 19 as he continually jogged and moved across the elementary school campus, meant fun.
As Amos pounded the pavement on a track that winds around the school buildings, students tested their own agility by moving through a series of stations including an obstacle course, a brief aerobics class and hula-hooping. The public was invited to take part in Zumba and mini-boot camp classes during the school day and into the evening.
Students and staff were assisted in various activities by “Loring’s Leaders,” members of a Wheatridge Middle School class who volunteered at Moonlight fitness stations during the day. In the evening, the Gardner Edgerton High School Interact Club assisted.
What looked like a day of fun on the playground was really an educational opportunity for students, teachers and families to learn about physical fitness.
“Staying fit and proper nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle,” Amos said.
This was Amos’ second 24-hour challenge at the elementary school, and this year, he had assistance from another state.
A sixth grade teacher in Stewartville Middle School, Jim Parry, participated in his own challenge running and walking a four-mile city loop in Stewartville, Minn.