Mark Taylor
[email protected]
The Jo will soon have as many as 10 new, low-floor, wheelchair-accessible, transit busses.
Commissioners on April 19 approved the purchase at a cost not to exceed $3.712 million.
The money will come from $2.756 million in federal grants, and a local $956,000 match from the transit operating budget and fund balance.
“The purchase of these busses is part of the programmed vehicle replacements for the transit fleet for fiscal year 2012,” said Alice M. Amrein, director of transportation. “These busses are needed for vehicle replacement (replacing older transit busses with high mileage) and will also assist with meeting spare ratio requirements as mandated by the Federal Transit Authority.”
Amrein said six of the busses will be 29 feet long and will be used for enhanced service corridors along Metcalf Avenue and Shawnee Mission Parkway.
The other four will be 40 feet long and will be used along I-35 for Xpress Service.
Between eight and nine older busses will be removed from service.
The new busses are expected to be delivered in November.