Mark Taylor
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Preliminary results from the Kansas Assessments show that 96 percent of Gardner Edgerton students are proficient in reading, school board members were told April 16.
That is a .7 percent increase over last year’s test results.
Christy Ziegler, executive director of educational services, said the district has administered 4,500 individual assessments in reading, math, science and history and government.
Preliminary results show the district will receive the Standard of Excellence in 31 of 32 areas.
“We are preliminarily very happy,” Ziegler told the school board.
The Standard of Excellence is awarded to schools that have a certain percentage of students scoring at high performance levels.
Those test scores are also used to determine whether schools attain Adequate Yearly Progress benchmark established by the federal No Child Left Behind Act.
No Child Left Behind requires that all students be proficient in reading and math by 2014.
Ziegler said the Standard of Excellence results will likely increase as the district completes testing in all nine schools this week.
Students district-wide scored a 95.3 percent proficiency in 2011.
“It’s another outstanding year for us,” said Mark Grannell, board member.
In other business, the school board:
• approved a price increase for breakfast and lunches for the 2012-13 school year.
Breakfast will increase 5 cents for all schools.
The new price will be $1.30 for elementary students, $1.35 for middle and high school students, and $185 for adults.
Lunch will increase 10 cents for elementary students and 5 cents for middle and high school students and adults.
The price will be $2 for elementary students, $2.10 for middle school students, $2.25 for high school students, and $3.30 for adults.
• agreed to dismiss school one day early this year as a result of not using any snow days.
The last day of school will be May 21.