Juanita Rothaus
Club reporter
The GFWC Athena club met at 1 p.m. on March 21 at the Johnson County Gardner with Minnie Ashmore and Norma Voigts as hostesses.  The meeting was called to order, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and GFWC Collect. Special guest speaker was Calvin Hayden, Johnson County commissioner. He spoke on “Safe Places” with an open forum for questions and answers by the club members.
Our main question was, “Where would Gardner-Edgerton residents go if there were a catastrophic disaster?”
It came to light that there really are no designated areas in case of emergencies by either city.
Members shared how a few churches might be available when tornado sirens go off, but schools are not opened to the public.
The commissioner also addressed the need for each individual to have a “pantry stock” to last for at least three or four days with items such as bottled water, canned meat products, candles, or battery operated lanterns, blankets, etc.  Our meeting was very interesting and many questions were addressed. We sincerely appreciated Mr. Hayden’s coming to speak.
Ruth Hermon, parliamentarian, reviewed our club constitution with members. She asked questions of members to see if they really know our own constitution. It would seem that we might become a bit more familiar with it for future quizzes.
Penny Pigg (our piggy bank) was passed to collect to save funds to buy a pig through the International Program.  Our goal is at least one pig which will cost $120 dollars thru the GFWC program.
There was much discussion concerning our need to do a fundraiser with Treasurer Mary Pritchard sharing that available funds are “going fast”, and we will need to renew the Kind News subscription, and Club Woman magazine later this spring. It was discussed that the Athena club has not had any kind of fund-raiser for more than six years. Club member Kathy Baker shared the idea of doing a Schwan’s Truckload Sale fund-raiser. President Juanita Rothaus stepped aside to speak about working such a fund-raiser in the past. Members discussed this idea at great length, a motion was made and passed to do this project. The money raised will go to the club’s special projects, such as our scholarship, music and arts, and the International Heifer program through which a pig can be purchased to give to a family in another country.
The Athena club is open to all for membership and we welcome anyone to come and check us out if they would like to be a part of a club that works to the betterment of the community we are a part of.
The Athena club helps in Veteran’s collection, Ronald McDonald House, Safe Home, our Multi-service Center, and many other service projects.
We meet on the third Wednesday of each month.
The April meeting will focus on Autism Awareness with guest speaker Gayla Ward coming to share. We would love to have you come and join us at the Gardner branch of the Johnson County Library on April 18.
For further information about the GFWC Athena Club please contact:Juanita Rothaus Club President at [email protected]  or any club member.