Mark Taylor
Five members of a Minnesota family were killed and 13 others were injured April 1 in an accident about 15 miles southwest of Ottawa on Interstate 35.
According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, the family was traveling in northbound in a 2003 Freightliner when the vehicle left the roadway, struck a guardrail and a concrete bridge and landed in a creek.
The accident happened just after 9 a.m.
The vehicle had been hauling a box trailer, and the family was believed to be returning home from a vacation in Texas.
Killed were Melissa Kerber, 24, of New Prauge, Minn.; Tom Kerber, 25, of New Prague, Minn.; Jessica Kerber, 10, of Jordan, Minn.; Joy Kerber, 14, of Jordan, Minn; and James Kerber, 12, of Jordan, Minn.
None of the five killed was wearing a seatbelt, according to the KHP.
Injured were Adam Kerber, 17, of Jordan, Minn.; Timothy Kerber, 15, of Jordan, Minn.; Payton M. Hammers, 2, of Chaska, Minn; Hannah D. Kerber, of Jordan, Minn; Matthew Hammers, 30, of Chaska, Minn.; Cody Slark, 18, of Chaska, Minn.; Sarah H. Kerber, 14, of Jordan, Minn; Nicholas Kerber, 8, of Jordan, Minn.; Pauline Kerber, 46, of Jordan, Minn.; Matt Vanbank, 16, of Jordan, Minn,; Madelyne Barney, 14 of Cologne, Minn., Ashley R. Henry, 21, of Carver, Minn.; and Zachary Bell, 16, of Chaska, Minn.
At least four of the victims sustained critical injuries.  All were taken to area hospitals.
Adam Kerber was believed to have been driving the vehicle at the time of the crash.
Only Adam Kerber and Vanback were wearing seatbelts.
The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the family often traveled out of state for motorcycle races.
Adam Kerber was pursuing a professional motorcycle racing career.
KHP officials are continuing to investigate the crash.