Purple outfits and red hats are becoming all the rage as a local chapter of the Red Hat Society is setting up shop.
The organization encourages women to connect socially and emotionally and to support each other in the pursuit of vital, active living through middle age and beyond. Members 50 years old and younger are encouraged to become members and don pink attire with purple hats.
The local chapter is a place for fun and new friendships. Members will get together for dining, catching up and sharing information on things like the opening of a new business, a child’s marriage, the addition of a grandchild.
Throughout the year, the group plans to attend shows, concerts and plays in the area, and several have joined together for an overseas trip.
The Red Hat Society was founded by Sue Ellen Cooper of Fullerton, Calif., in 1998. Since then, its grown to more than 20,000 chapters in 50 states and more than 25 countries.
For more information on the Red Hat Society, visit www.redhatsociety.com. To learn more about the local chapter, call Marilyn Rockel at (913) 856-7856 or email her at [email protected]