Somewhere among us, a multi-millionaire sits. At least, that’s the likely scenario.
One of three winning tickets in the largest jackpot in U.S. history was sold in northeast Kansas, but the local winner has yet to step forward.
We have our hearts set on the idea that the winner will come from here in southwest Johnson County – a winner from Gardner, Edgerton or Spring Hill.
It wouldn’t be the first time local residents struck lottery gold.
Two Gardner residents won separate Powerball lotteries in the 1990s. One resident won $17.6 million in March of 1993 and another Gardner resident won $12.2 million in May of 1994.
So it looks like folks in this area are about due for another big win.
With all the hype surrounding last week’s giant lottery, we heard plenty of analysts saying the lottery is an unfair tax on the poor.
While there likely is a small number of lottery players who spend more than they should on the game, the majority of the people who buy a lottery ticket view it largely as entertainment.
We know we did. It was well worth the cost of admission last week debating the best ways to spend that much money. We spent hours discussing who we’d give money to, where we’d go, and what we’d buy. If nothing else, the game was a pleasant distraction from the daily grind, and cheap entertainment too.
And in the midst of the discussion, we had a chance to think that everyone in America has the opportunity to become wealthy — and not just through a stroke of luck and a winning lottery ticket.
Hard work, determination and opportunity are all it takes to become the next millionaire, but in the midst of that effort, the distraction of a mega million dollar jackpot is worth a few dollars.
Here’s hoping that final winning ticket goes to someone deserving.