Spring Hill High School will be offering driver’s education again this summer.
The classroom portion of the class will be taught on-line, and the driving portion will be taught by Spring Hill High School staff, which will occur over six consecutive days in the summer.
Access to the online portion of the class will begin April 2. Students enrolling in the course must be 14 years old by April 1 and have a valid learning permit. Students will earn .5 credit for the course and it will be graded pass/fail.  Registration for driving times will start at 7 a.m. on March 24 at the high school.
Students should turn in their enrollment form and fees (make one check out to USD 230 for $270 if they are an in-district student or $400 for out-of-district student, and make a separate check out to Kansas Department of Revenue for $2) to Carolyn Regimand in the high school office to enroll in the class. The coursework can be done on any computer with Internet access, and at Spring Hill High School during scheduled times over the summer. Only the final exam must be taken under the supervision of the Spring Hill staff.
Online courses require about the same amount of work as regular high school classes. However, online learning requires more student responsibility when completing assignments and activities. Active support from parents can play a key role in assisting students in completing coursework as well as developing the work ethic needed to be successful in this learning environment.
Upon enrolling in drivers’ education, students will receive an introductory e-mail from Virtual Greenbush, the agency coordinating the online curriculum. It will contain the student’s password, course information and teacher expectations.
For more information, contact Dean Pope at (913) 592-7311 or Rick O’Neil at (913) 592-7299.