Michelle Toon

Mark Taylor
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Michelle Toon, principal of Spring Hill Elementary School, will transfer to the new Wolf Creek Elementary School when it opens in 2013.
The Spring Hill School Board unanimously appointed Toon to head the new school during its March 5 meeting.
Toon will continue to serve as principal at Spring Hill Elementary until the 2013-14 school year.
“The staff, students and I will take every moment over the next year to continue the wonderful things we have to continue the wonderful things we have been doing and celebrate our many accomplishments,” Toon said. “I am blessed to have one more year to continue the goals I have for SHES.”
Construction on the new 72,000 square foot school is expected to begin next month at 192nd Street and Ridgeview Road.
The school will occupy a 14-acre campus and have a capacity for 580 students.
Attendance boundaries for the school are expected to be established by the school board after enrollment and growth patterns are studied.
The school will be funded with proceeds from a $39 bond issue approved last year by voters.
Toon has a bachelor’s degree from Ottawa University and a master’s degree from the University of Kansas.
She taught nine years in the Louisburg and Spring Hill districts before pursuing a career in administration.
Toon served as assistant principal at Spring Hill Elementary before being hired as principal in 2007.
“I am passionate about children, student learning and forming partnerships between school and home,” she said. “Opening a new school adn helping establish these partnerships is exciting. I am committed to creating a positive learning community for the students, parents and staff and continuing the world-class education our students deserve and our community expects.”