The Spring Hill School District announced its 2013 Teacher of the Year award winners. They include Angela Tauer, a language arts teacher at Spring Hill Middle School (SHMS), as the Elementary Teacher of the Year, and Kerri Rodden, English teacher at Spring Hill High School SHHS), as the Secondary Teacher of the Year.
Each year the Kansas State Department of Education looks for an outstanding teacher to become its Teacher of the Year, and sponsors a statewide competition. The Spring Hill School District is given the opportunity to nominate one elementary and one secondary teacher. This also provides the district with the opportunity to recognize two teachers who exemplify the finest in the profession.
“It is an honor to recognize teachers who are truly examples of the best of the teaching profession and are committed to students and their academic and personal growth,” said Bart Goering, superintendent.
In addition to presentations at the schools, Tauer and Rodden will be honored at the March 5 school board meeting.
Tauer, who teaches sixth graders at SHMS, has taught 11 years with four of those years in the Spring Hill School District. One of her fundamental beliefs is that teaching should be current and relevant. In addition, her nominator noted that Tauer creates a classroom climate that is very positive and conducive to high student achievement.
Rodden, a teacher at SHHS for 10 years, helps lead the school’s Volunteer Club that intertwines curriculum and service and encourages students to give back to the community. Her nominator writes that she has worked to transform curriculum, mentored new teachers, serves her community and goes the extra mile for students. Rodden adds that with the constantly changing trends in teaching and curriculum it is an educator’s job to convey these new concepts without losing touch with the students.
The two award winners will now represent the district in the statewide competition. This effort requires preparing an extensive packet, which will include essays on their teaching philosophy, professional background, community involvement, student learning activities and more. If selected at the state level, they will serve as ambassadors for and work to support ongoing school improvement education.