Mark Taylor
[email protected]
Johnson County Government is using technology to get citizens involved in the budget planning process.
The county has launched an online budget simulator that will allow citizens to help prioritize the county’s spending in the 2013 budget.
“We want more citizen engagement in the budget process,” said Hannes Zacharias, county manager. “This technology provides citizens a convenient opportunity to express their views, thereby helping the county develop spending priorities that match the values of the community, all at the click of a mouse.”
The budget simulator was launched Feb. 16 and will be accessible until April 6.
By accessing the budget simulator at, citizens will have an opportunity to prioritize and rank county services, including public transit, public safety, human services, parks and recreation and library services, among others.
That information will be taken into consideration by the Department of Budget and Financial Planning in establishing the 2013 budget.
The budget will then be submitted to the Board of County Commissioners for final approval.
According to a press release issued last week by the county, the goals of the budget simulator are “to seek increased community feedback in the budget process, foster an ongoing dialogue with the community regarding public services, and develop and informative, reliable process for the Board of County Commissioners to use for county service prioritization and budgetary decision-making that hits warp speed from June to August.”