Tucker Davis
Club Reporter
The monthly meeting of the Prairie Star 4-H Club was held Jan. 8 at the Matt Ross Community Center.  The meeting was called to order by President Haylee Burk.   Pledges were led by Cole Davis and Jesse Molenda.   Roll was taken with a sign-up sheet.  There were nine members present.
Haylee Burk gave the treasurer’s report and said the club has a total of $824.28.  Lauren Molenda read the minutes from the last monthly meeting. The minutes were approved as read.
Bert Molenda gave the County Council report and told everyone about the KC Global Conference and the Citizens in Action.  Jeanette Davis gave the Community Leader report and acknowledged everyone about upcoming 4-H days, the county food fair, and the Spring Break Cooking Classes.
A motion was made by Tucker Davis to adjourn the meeting, Cole Davis seconded the motion. The motion was approved. The next meeting will be held on Feb. 13 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds.
The meeting was followed by swimming.