Mark Taylor
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Sophia Stockton of Gardner Lake got a surprise and a scare on Jan. 22 when she opened a book she purchased from Amazon.
It was a used college textbook about terrorism.
As she flipped through the pages about 11:30 p.m., a small bag containing a white powder fell out of the book and onto the floor.
“My first thought was that it was anthrax because white powder fell out of my terrorism textbook,” she said. “It fell out of the page that talked about the Unibomber.”
Stockton, 20, and a junior at Mid America Nazarene University, immediately took the bag of powder to her parent’s room.
Her parents observed the powder and said they were “95 percent sure” that the bag contained drugs and that they would take it to the police station the following day.
“I said, ‘What about the 5 percent (that it was not drugs)?” Stockton said. “That was my concern.”
According to a police report released by the Gardner Police Department, Office J. Hayes tested the powder and found it to be cocaine.
“I informed Miss Stockton of the findings and advised her that I would keep the narcotics, and they would be subsequently destroyed on a later date,” Hayes said.
Stockton said she didn’t believe Amazon had anything to do with the drugs.
“My guess is (the book’s) previous owner hid it in there and just forgot about it,” she said.
Stockton said an attorney told her the cocaine had a street value of about $200.