Shyan Locke
Club reporter
The December meeting of Johnson County 4-H Dog Club was held Dec. 13 at the White Building on the Johnson County Fairgrounds.  4-H members went to the Meadowbrook Rehabilitation Hospital 45 minutes before the start of the meeting to sing songs and play piano and violin. Some 4-H’ers brought their dogs to visit with the residents.

Members of the Johnson County 4-H Dog Club gathered at Meadowbrook Rehabilitation Hospital on Dec. 13. While they were there they sang songs, and played piano and violin for the residents. Submitted photo

The next meeting will be held Jan. 9 in the White Building.
The Dog Club meeting was held first, and then 4-H’ers played games and had refreshments. After that 4-H’ers did a dog gift exchange. The deadline to have forms submitted the training for dogs will be Jan. 15.  Forms are to be submitted to Wendy Karr.