State law now requires voters to show ID at the polls. File photo

Mark Taylor
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A new law went into effect on Jan. 1 that requires all Kansas voters to present identification before casting a ballot at the polls.
Brian Newby, election commissioner, said he believes requiring ID will provide an additional layer of protection against voter fraud.
“I definitely thing there is going to be a greater overall voter confidence, and many voters over the years have wanted voter ID,” he said. “We have not had any issues that voter ID would have prevented. I think it’s 37 states that now have some sort of voter ID, so this is really part of a bigger trend nationwide. I think it will help ensure voter confidence in knowing that someone cannot impersonate them (at the polls).”
However, the law excludes mail ballot elections, including the upcoming $72 million bond issue for the Gardner Edgerton School District.
Newby said mail ballot elections are among the exceptions to the law.
Otherwise, voters will be required to present a valid photo ID before casting votes in person or requesting an advance ballot by mail.
Acceptable forms of ID include: driver’s licenses, state ID cards, concealed carry handgun licenses, U.S. passports, employee badges or identification documents issued by a government agency, student ID cards issued by accredited colleges in Kansas and public assistance ID cards issued by a government agency.
Voters 65 or older will be allowed to use expired documents for identification.
In addition to mail ballot elections, exceptions include voters serving overseas and those with religions objections. Additional documentation is required for the latter.
Voters who apply for an advance ballot through the mail are required to include their driver’s license number or a photocopy of their ID.
Persons who do not have a valid driver’s license can apply for a Kansas ID card at the Johnson County driver’s licence offices.
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