Mark Taylor
A female Gardner Edgerton High School student reported being approached by a stranger Dec. 14 while waiting at a bus stop in the area of Lincoln and Evergreen streets.
According to the Gardner Police Department, the girl said a male in a purple Chrysler PT Cruiser asked if she wanted to sit in his car while she waited for the bus.
The girl refused, and the driver drove into the Lincoln Lane Townhomes neighborhood.
She then informed the bus driver what had happened and the driver told the girl to report the incident to her school resource officer.
A Gardner police officer then patrolled the area until all students had left for school.
The officer spotted a purple PT Cruiser in the neighborhood, but said it did not appear to have been driven that morning.
The officer contacted the owner of the car, a female, who told him there are four purple PT Cruisers in the neighborhood.
None of the other cars were present at the time.