Mark Taylor
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Edgerton residents will receive a new trash service provider beginning Jan. 1.
Deffenbaugh Industries submitted the low bid when the city council re-bid trash service as its three-year contract with Ottawa Sanitation was set to expire at the end of 2011.
Residential customers will receive two containers, 95-gallon container for solid waste and a 65-gallon container with a yellow lid for recycling.
A smaller, 65-gallon trash container is available upon request.
“We will assume that residents want 95-gallon trash and 65-gallon recycling unless the call us and tell us otherwise,” said Beth Linn, city administrator.  “Then we can work with them on the different options.”
All trash placed in the trash container must be bagged. Any additional trash bags that do not fit inside the container must be tagged with a sticker that can be purchased at city hall for $1.25.
The recycling container is for newspapers, magazines, office paper, cereal boxes and soft drink cartons, plastics, aluminum cans, food cans and brochures and catalogs.
Recyclables are not to be bagged and do not have to be sorted.
Glass, food waste, medical and household hazardous waste, trash, plastic bags, Styrofoam, shredded paper and frozen food containers are not to be placed in the recycling container.
Deffenbaugh requires that all yard waste be placed in separate paper bags or rigid containers.
Branches should be bundled beside the containers.
During March, April, September, October and November, residents are allowed 12 yard waste items per week.
All other months, eight yard waste items are allowed.
Trash pick-up day is Thursday and residents are asked to place their containers three feet apart and within one foot of the curb with the handles facing away from the street, before 7 a.m.
Containers can also be placed on separate sides of a driveway.
The monthly service fee for residents will be $6.83, which is 18 cents more than the current rate.
Ottawa Sanitation will pick up its containers during the week of Dec. 26.
Residents may then use trash bags until the new Deffenbaugh containers arrive.